Ceasefire leader’s kin murdered Ceasefire leader’s kin murdered A nephew of a Shan ceasefire leader in northern Shan State was killed by unknown perpetrator after returning from hanging out with a group of friends 帛琉, but local authorities failed to find out the culprit, according to sources from northern Shan State. 23 September 2008By Hseng Khio Fah On 15 September 東森房屋, a Shan State Army-North leader Col Gaifah’s nephew, Sai Aung Si, 28, was stabbed to death in the evening after returning from drinking with a group of his friends and 褐藻醣膠watching football matches in Muse, said one of his relatives. “Some people came along with a jeep to pick him while he was drinking,” said a resident who wishes to remain anonymous. On 酒店兼職the following day, the dead body of Sai Aung Si was found near Ho Nawng village on the way to Lawn In village and later his body was taken by the local police to the temple of Pawkkart, Muse. “If the aut 酒店經紀horities were really serious about the case, the perpetrator would have been found by now,” commented a resident in Lashio. “There has been no response from both the local authorities and the SSA side.”His funeral w 室內裝潢as held on 17 September. A group of his friends who were drinking with him, Sai Yee Kawn from Kawng Nawng village, Sai Kyaw Aye from Pawkkart and Sai Pan Phwe Hoong were detained until now, said a shopkeeper in Muse. A footballer, Sai H 景觀設計sarm Ann whose namecard was found on the dead body was also arrested.Sai Aung Si was reportedly visiting Muse to ask for the debts about Kyat 5,000,000 (US$ 4,167) owed to him over a shipment of silver ore, said a driver whose car runs between Lashio a 帛琉nd Muse. Col Gaifah is Deputy Commander in Chief of the Shan State Army-North known as an able field commander before the ceasefire in 1989. The SSA- North is one of the major anti-junta armed groups that concluded ceasefire agreement with Rangoon in 1989. It 褐藻醣膠was one of 13 ceasefire groups that had jointly presented a demand for greater say in the state affairs in 2004 at the National Convention. Their demand was dismissed by the Convention's organizers. http://www.shanland.org/general/2008-1/ceasefire-leader2019s-kin-murdered   術後面膜;  .
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